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Class Fees

Annual Membership Fee

New students have free coverage for the first 28 calendar days so they can try out the program, but must pay this fee to continue past that point.

This is a mandatory fee that includes registration and insurance with Gymnastics Australia. It applies to all students, regardless of being a casual or term member.

If you are paying for a term, the membership must be renewed if it expires part way through that term.

  • 12 Months (eg. 12-Apr-2020 to 11-Apr-2021) - $ 70 Individual, $ 120 Family
  • 6 Months (eg. 12-Apr-2020 to 12-Oct-2020) - $ 45

***Note: This fee is waived until the 31-Dec if you have already paid a registration / insurance fee at another Gymnastics Australia affiliated club this calendar year.

Session Fees

All sessions are pre-paid. Casual attendees book in online from 48 hours before the class starts, Term members must tell us if they will be absent for make-up sessions to apply.

45 min KinderGym - Chimps, Mini, Cheeky and Spider Monkeys

  • Casual per session (must book online, excludes trial) - $ 25
  • 10 Week term (10 sessions) - $ 210 (pro-rata for remaining weeks)

1 hr Gorillas (KinderGym) or School Age (Fundamentals - Prep to Grade 2)

  • Casual per session (must book online, excludes trial) - $ 27
  • 10 Week term (10 sessions) - $ 230 (pro-rata for remaining weeks)

1.5 hr School Age (GymSkills, FreeG, Flipnastics - Grade 3 to Year 7)

  • Casual per session (must book online, excludes trial) - $ 30
  • 10 Week term (10 sessions) - $ 260 (pro-rata for remaining weeks)

Payments are by EFTPOS or Cash, we do not accept cheques.

Term Members - Makeup classes (in brief)

Make-ups only apply if you tell us you will be absent. No Show = No Make-up.

Unlimited make-ups throughout the term.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandenmic, the value of a maximum of 3 make-ups per child can be used as credit on next terms fees.

Make-ups cannot be redeemed as cash.