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Fundamental Gymnastics

Prep to Grade 2
Boy on bars

Our classes are designed so that a new student can start at any time during the school term.

Our sessions are divided by age, so all students in the facility at any given time are at a similar developmental stage. At 4.15pm everyone is in Prep to Grade 2 at school. Multiple groups run at the same time that are split by ability level.

Students stay in the same ability group until they can consistently perform all the outcomes of that group. When they are ready for the next challenge students are awarded the certificate for that group, and moved onto the next group. This may be after a few weeks, a term, 6 months, or a year. Everyone develops at different rates, and some students will conquer particular skills faster than others.

Students take home a skill book that gets updated every session, so they can see their progress as they learn and develop new skills and abilities.


Grade 3 and up
Boy flipping

Our classes are designed so that a new student can start at any time during the school term.

Students work at their own pace to further the control they have over their bodies, and to learn new skills in a safe way.

In this group, students are encouraged to take more ownership of their own progress.

Students participate in a range of activities incorporating skill development, physical fitness, strength and agility training.

Learn how to flip, twist, roll, jump and fall in a safe environment with qualified coaches. - All the fun stuff, and none of the pressure of competitive gymnastics.


Grade 3 and up
Boy on bars

FreeG is a combination class of extreme gym, parkour and martial arts. It involves techniques that enable children to jump, twist, flip and climb on different equipment and surfaces. These classes are fast paced and full of energy, perfect for any skill level.

Gymnastics is one of the fastest growing sports in Victoria, with over 63,488 current members and 750,000 other participants (as a the end of 2018) . It is also one of the safest sports you can do see this comparison chart. Gymnastics is often described as the foundation of all sports, with some of the physical benefits including Balance (Vestibular), Intuition (Proprioception), Strength, Agility, Power, Coordination, Control and Physical Literacy. Gymnastics classes are a great place to make new friends (develop social skills) as students are working with people outside of their normal school environment.

Children participating in Gymnastics improve their self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Participants of a gymnastics based program become very aware of their bodies and can "try their hand" at most sports and activities with a level of success. Gymnastics teaches that perseverance pays off.

We have built our facility from scratch specifically to cater for children who want the positive benefits of gymnastics, without the pressure to move into competition groups and train excessive hours. Students at Moving Monkeys typically train once a week, in groups with no more than a 1 to 8 coach to student ratio. As we are not training competition gymnastics, we are able to develop all the physical benefits of gymnastics by utilising a variety gymnastics apparatus (rather than gender specific apparatus). We try to keep all our groups as co-ed (both boys and girls are in the same group).

In addition to the traditional gymnastics apparatus, our programs incorporate other non-typical, and fun apparatus. We have a slack-line, rock climbing wall, and tunnels just to name a few, and will be adding extra things in the future...

Whilst your children are enjoying their session, you can sit back and relax in our café style viewing area, with a TV and colouring station available for the siblings; and free Wi-Fi, USB charging points, and REAL coffee available for the parents.