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What is KinderGym?

Our Kindergym program is conducted in a safe, structure and multisensory environment. We work on fundamental movements patterns and Gymnastics foundation skills which are essential in Early Childhood, to develop the whole child. We use qualified and accredited nurturing coaches which will extend their participants to reach their full potential.

The classes cover a broad range of skills and techniques to engage, with such areas as: music, group time, guided discovery, gross and fine motor skills, Visual perception, postural awareness, crossing the midline of the body (essential for reading and writing), self-esteem, confidence, character building, listening, observing and following instructions. Not to mention, swinging, rotating, jumping, balancing... Learning Though Play

"Teaching Life Lessons", one child at a time ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pre 4yo Kinder

45 minute sessions, parent assisted
Sessions are by age:
  • Mini Monkeys - Walking, and born in 2020 or 2021
  • Cheeky Monkeys - born in 2019
  • Spider Monkeys - born in 2018, not in 4yo kinder yet
  • Chimps - umbrella covering all of the above (popular with parents bringing siblings together)

You are never too little to learn. In our exciting and safe environment the child has the opportunity to experience, explore and LEARN through PLAY whilst being guided by our early childhood movement educators.

As classes get older, children get extended and challenged, whilst learning to following instructions. We encourage endless movement opportunities that get them thinking, creating, constructing and problem solving their own bodies. Which in turn assists with confidence and coordination.

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4yo Kinder (1 hour class, work independently)

This program is for children attending 4yo Kinder and heading to school the following year. This works with the Social, Emotional and Physical development the child is undertaking whilst becoming more Independent in their 4yo Kinder year.

While we have lots of fun, using large muscle groups and fine motor skills, we also teach:

  • Building Imagination
  • Enhancing physical skills
  • Building their Physical Literacy
  • Forming friendships and social skills
  • Learning self-control and gaining self esteem
  • Problem solving
  • Getting READY for success in school, work and LIFE
Click this link for Timetables and Enrolment information