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Gymnastics Equipment Hire

No need to go and spend a fortune on special equipment that's going to sit in your store room most of the year, taking up space. Your school can hire out all the equipment you need to run a fantastic program safely. You can even hire the trailer too if you need to store it somewhere, or want to share the cost with another school.

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Please Note: Equipment hire is only available to primary schools. We do not hire equipment out to the general public. School holiday programs are considered on a case by case basis.

Equipment hire is available as a full set only. We do not supply individual pieces of equipment.

School Incursion

Do you want to run your own gymnastics program at your school, or want to add some new activities to the program you are running?

Wouldn't it be nice to have all the equipment you need, and not have to worry about storing it, maintaining it, and cleaning it?

For as little as $ 140 per day (excluding GST), your school can have all this and more!

Please call for further information - Telephone: (03) 8609 6355, or EMail EMail:

Standard Hire Set includes:
  • 2x Floor Strips
  • 3x Red Vault pieces
  • 1x Yellow Vault piece
  • 2x Blue Vault pieces
  • 2x Mini Trampolines
  • 7x Scattermats
  • 2x Wedges
  • 1x Parallel Bars
  • 1x Horizontal Bar
  • 1x Balance Beam
  • 1x Supersoft mat (Crashmat)
  • 1x Springboard
You also get:
  • Free 6 months access to all our online resources.
    • Lesson plans with video demonstrations.
    • Worksheets / Portfolio tasks.
    • Printable participation certificates.
    • "How To" articles.
  • Printed lesson plans.
  • Laminated prompt cards.
  • Additional apparatus including...
    • Scooter boards.
    • Bean Bags.
    • Hoops.